FKT: Thomas Beedell - Epping Forest Challenge Walk (UK) - 2020-10-03

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1h 58m 27s
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After losing the FKT by a narrow margin earlier in the summer, I decided to make an attempt to reclaim it. This was also fuelled by a desire to correct my navigation error around High Beech. By chance, I managed to run during a break in the rain but the conditions underfoot were wet. I decided to choose a different start point and also run it clockwise. My familiarity with the route meant I could maintain a strong pace but I almost went off route after crossing Crooked Mile. There were significant works taking place in Fourways Nursery so I would advise against running this route until that's finished. Fuelled by just one gel. I was surprised to discover I'd gone sub-2 but in drier conditions there could be further time taken off.