FKT: Thomas Heal - Kep Track (WA, Australia) - 2020-09-20

Gender category
Route variation
one way
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 34m 8s
GPS track(s)

Have seen signs for the Kep Track over the years from the highway so a quick internet search showed me the route from Mundaring to Northam. 

With so many great runners in WA was keen to put another target on the FKT map for the speedsters.

Decided to run on Sunday before checking the weather which looked "interesting", left a bit later to avoid the storm and took an Uber to Mundaring Weir Hotel which marks the start of the track. 

With blue skies i headed off, and was dumped on within 2km with very little warning but the rain cleared again and the sun was back out. 

I carried Tailwind sachets and 1.5L of water, hopefully not running dry like my Cape to Cape escapades. 

Made good cruisey time and felt OK, topped up water from a tap on the trail in Chidlow and aimed to sit on 5min/kms.

The rain was back and that reminded me I had forgotten my trusty lube.. headed to Chafe City. 

The rain was on and off relentlessly and I started feeling really cold from just being damp, meanwhile the sun was cooking my neck.. best of both worlds?

Topped up water at taps on the trail at Clackline (it helps that the trail follows a water pipeline).

The going got tough with a blister of death until which I had felt fine and the smallest thing can end up really painful which it was. I never usually get chafing but it felt like sitting on a cactus (I imagine).

Finished in Northam along the River neg to the Avon Descent startline and got a ride back to Perth. 

Directions and signs on the route were very easy to follow and times on this relatively flat course could be smashing (ala Kep Ultra era).