FKT: Thomas Holzapfel - Talsperrenweg: Große Dhünntalsperre (Germany) - 2021-04-13

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
3h 43m 33s
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Owning an FKT once in my life has been on my bucket list for ... several months now. The Talsperrenweg was the perfect course for me to attempt it. Reasonable length and difficulty, close to home and a target that I ought to be able to achieve. I did not specifically prepare for the attempt, but still had a good base fitness with a clear lack of hilly runs over 90 minutes.

I have found it relatively easy to follow the course, guided by Komoot on my phone. The track was much more muddy than I had expected and shoes with more grip would have been helpful. The course is a constant up and down, apart from a short stretch along the shore from km 9-14. The 2nd half is definitely slower with more climbing. Running on a weekday, I met maybe 10 people; I would expect it to be a lot busier on a weekend. Overall it is a pleasant run with some nice views, but even though you are running around an artificial lake, don't expect to see too much water. The weather was quite typical for April. About 6°C with clouds, rain, hail, snow,and some sunshine towards the end.

Overall, I am quite happy with my run. With more specific preparation, better footwear and nicer weather I could probably shave off a few minutes from my time. Who knows, maybe I'll be back.