FKT: Thorsten Preiss - Ebsdorfergrund Rundwanderweg - 2023-05-19

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Standard route
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Total time
4h 37m 40s
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I had been planning to do this official route around the village where I grew up for a while and finally got around to it. Training was not ideal, so my time is not the best I was hoping for. Nevertheless it was great to get this done. I believe I am the first person to run this route as we do not have a lot long distance or ultra runners in that community.

I decided to do this self-supported by using two fuel drops: one at the dog training park at Mölln/Dreihausen and one at the old soccer field in Leidenhofen. I left bottles with drink mix (picked up later, of course - nothing left on the trail) and gels at both using two hand-held bottles which worked out great. I started at high-noon and the sun was bright, so the hydration was important. Unfortunately I forgot sunscreen and paid for it...

The route includes some road running and bush-wacking and everything in between. The trail was partially closed for a small section between Dreihausen and Wermertshausen. I was able to use the trail by side-stepping some road blocks (very short section). The route there is still s bit different than the original gps file available for the route. If anything this requires a few extra meters in distance and also vertical.

All in all I am very happy with how the day went. I am definately thinking about improving on the time in the future as this is almost entirely runnable. It would be great to see some other locals do the entire route in one go and challenge this FKT.