FKT: Tim Bond - Gipping Valley River Path (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-14

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2h 40m 26s
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My attempt started on the morning of 14/8/20.  I was very lucky as it had been raining all morning and literally stopped as I started the attempt in Stowmarket.  The paths were well groomed with a slight camber and I felt that I managed to keep a good pace, ducking to avoid the overhead branches.  There were a two particularly difficult patches, before Needham and before Bramford where the path was completely over grown with stinging nettles, I tried to avoid these initially, slowly slightly to do this, but the path became so over grown that this was no longer possible.  As I write this some hours later my legs are still tingling!!  It felt muggy, in the mid 20's and even though I had taken with a litre of water I had drank this with three miles to go and was definitely thirsty by the time I finished.