FKT: Tim Craig - Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY) - 2022-05-26

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Total time
9h 39m 51s
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Order was:
McKenzie, Haystack, Scarface, Ampersand, St. Regis, and Baker.

What an amazing day in the mountains. I was hoping for the FKT, but had no idea what to expect as most of my training is on NYC paths (not quite like the mountains of Saranac!). It was a perfect day for the attempt and an early start was a gift. At the summits, it would have been nice to spend more time than what it took to take some "proof I was here" shots, but those moments were beautiful. The false summits of McKenzie were both tiresome and repeat glimpses of glory.

I overran the Scarface summit, not knowing it was just a white disk on a tree (for future folks attempting this!).

Ampersand was the only mountain I had summited before and it felt like an old friend after three new mountains. I'm always scared at the top (not particularly fond of heights) and did my best not to think too much about the wind threatening to knock me over.

I enjoyed the rolling trails of St. Regis, but my legs were pretty shot by the time the steep hike to the top started. I was glad to get to my car and urging the cars in front of me to speed up on the 2 lane highways of the Adirondacks.

My phone GPS wasn't connecting and I parked about a quarter a mile away from the Baker trailhead, which made the last ascent and descent quite tight as I was trying to break 9:50. I was quite glad to get back to Berkeley Green, ring the bell and stop my watch just short of 9:40!