FKT: Tim Cronk - Mount Lemmon (AZ) - 2020-03-28

Route variation
Standard Up and Down
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 25m 27s
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The route Mount Lemmon standard up and down via the Meadow Loop at the top (25.65 miles and 6490 elevation gain), was the incidental result of a different project.  Like many, having trained all winter only to have all the races cancelled due to Covid, figured it was time to tackle a route I had been planning, run from my house in Oro Valley AZ to the top of Mt. Lemmon and back home for  38.59 miles and 8622 elevation gain .  The Mount Lemmon standard up and down portion was done self-supported having cached fluids/food prior to the attempt, the to and from Catalina State Park portion was done supported with food and fluid being supplied at Catalina State Park. Picture included was at the end of the day in my back yard , looking over my left shoulder the low spot on the ridge line is Romero Pass en-route to the top Lemmon which is over my right shoulder just above the center cypress tree.