FKT: Tim Seaver - New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) - 2006-03-16

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9d 20h 24m 0s

During the winter of 2003-04, Sue Johnston and Robert Williams climbed all 48 peaks in 10d22h37m. Sue's blog says "Since we were the first to do so in winter, we sort of traversed uncharted territory and played it a bit conservatively some days." The winter record was broken in 2006 by Tim Seaver, who climbed all 48 in 9d20h24m, during March 6-16, 2006. Cath Goodwin also participated in this trip, and set the women's FKT at 9d23h13m, losing a little time after she "...wiped out enroute to S Kinsman on day 8 and developed two spectacular black eyes...", and paid a visit to the ER.