FKT: Tim Whitcombe - Thames Estuary Path (United Kingdom) - 2020-11-21

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3h 4m 32s
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Took on an unsupported attempt of the Thames Estuary Path, running from Tilbury Town train station, along the established route through to Leigh-on-Sea train station. 
My partner was on hand to take a few video snips along route, however I ran unsupported, using a vest and hydro pack for my hydration and fuel, not taking any support. The path started well and in good condition, but started to get wet and muddy about 7 miles in, getting very boggy and sloppy around mile 13 through 22. The muddy, slippy sections sapped my energy, dramatically reducing my pace, but overall it was a great morning out!

I used the navigation feature my Garmin Fenix 6, both on recces of various parts of the route, as well as the full route today.