FKT: Timothy Lock - Acadia Traverse (ME) - 2020-10-25

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4h 26m 23s

Really beautiful day for a run in Acadia National Park! I used to hike this route as a kid, and decided this week to give a go at this FKT solo after plans for a Mount Katahdin FKT attempt fell through due to weather. As someone who grew up with Acadia in my "backyard", this one had some sentimental value. I realized that the only one of these glacial knobs that i had never summited before was North Bubble, but it actually had one of the best views!. Views are stunning the whole route. the vertical is intense. Having completed both, I would compare this to the Presi Traverse in a sense, but would say it feels even steeper than the Presi. There isn't a whole lot of truly runnable terrain. Lots of boulder hopping, and even a really good descender will have trouble keeping pace high on this.

Sunny skies all day. started out pretty brisk - 37 degrees. warmed up a bit, but the winds were pretty strong on Cadillac Mountain and Sergeant Mountain. There are definitely seasoned technical runners out who take this time down further! It's a very beautiful route - coastline views from all summits! Take a look at the Strava link for pics.