FKT: Tina van Heerden, Pieter Van Heerden - Conondale Range Great Walk (QLD, Australia) - 2022-11-11

Route variation
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 46m 59s

We did this the traditional clockwise route, starting from the great walk plaque in the day parking area. We followed the GPX on the FKT route page and did the detour to Mt Allan Fire Tower and to the campsites but not to the falls. Mt Allan Fire Tower itself was closed off, so we couldn’t go up it’s steps. 

We carried our nutrition and used all 3 campsites for water, which we treated by using Solomon filters. 

The route was much more untouched and remote than we anticipated. There were lots of fallen trees following the recent floods and even getting to the start of the trail was impossible without a 4x4 drive vehicle. We would recommend this for hikers or runners that are ready for a trail covered in fallen trees and other vegetation. We saw both snakes and leeches, but also plenty birds and baby wallabies!