FKT: Todd Vogel - White Mountains Range Traverse (CA, NV) - 2016-08-20

Route variation
range traverse + Black Canyon
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
18h 32m 19s
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From Queen Canyon Saddle the route goes up the peak bagger’s route to Boundary Peak and continues on over the Jump Off, Mt. Dubois, Birch Creek/Cabin Creek Saddle, and maintains the Crest of the White Mountains until joining the White Mountain Road on the shoulder of White Mountain. The route then continues out the White Mountain Road until the dirt becomes pavement, then descends Black Canyon to a turn out at the mouth of the alluvial fan at the base of Black Canyon. One could continue out the paved road, but that seems less in the spirit of the wild traverse one will have just completed. Others have done the "White Mountain Traverse" from the gate at Barcroft to Queen Canyon Saddle, but that's only half the mountain range, at just under 30 miles. I ran with Mike Hay from Queen Canyon saddle to the Barcroft Gate, basically the half way point, where his wife met us with a resupply, and Mike finished his traverse. I continued on the rest of the way with no other support. The actual full traverse, it could be argued, would be from Montgomery Pass to Westguard Pass.