FKT: Tom Abrahams, Steve Wood - Strawberry Line (United Kingdom) - 2022-07-03

Route variation
One way
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Total time
1h 12m 34s
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We ran the Strawberry Line on Sunday 3rd July 2022. Conditions were cloudy and heavy, slightly wet underfoot, but there was little wind, which was nice. We chose to run as a Team Unsupported. Both of us knew the second half of the path well, but the first half was new to us from Cheddar and through Axbridge. The hill coming out of Axbridge took some edge off our pace, but generally it's a fast route. The only hold-ups were behind cyclists and walkers, plus a couple of road crossings. We didn't need to stop for water or any food supplies.

We gathered a bit of momentum around Winscombe and Sandford and maintained a sensible pace in the conditions through to the end.