FKT: Tom Beerbower - Susquehannock Trail System Loop, Southern Gateway (PA) - 2020-07-30

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3d 3h 50m 30s
GPS track(s)

Day 1 : Started 7/27/20 8:41:15 AM at Ole Bull State Park.  Hiked 20 miles.  Stopped at mile marker 46 at 6:32:15 PM.  Camped on the trail 3 miles SE of Cross Fork Village.

Day 2: Started 7/28/20 7:59:00 AM.  Hiked 22 miles.  Stopped at mile marker 68 at 7:05:30 PM.  Camped at Wild Boy Shelter.

Day 3: Started 7/29/20 7:37:00 AM.  Hiked 26 miles.  Stopped at mile marker 10 at 6:53:00 PM.  Camped at Dynamite House Shelter.

Day 4: Started 7/30/20 6:17:30 AM.  Hiked 16 miles.  Stopped at mile marker 26 at 12:31:45 PM at Ole Bull State Park.

84 miles. 

3 days 3 hours 50 minutes 30 seconds.

Carried all food.  Water was filtered from streams.


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Congratulations on the FKT Tom, that is a solid effort!