FKT: Tomas Amneskog - Pilgrimsleden Göta Älv (Sweden) - 2020-06-26

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18h 41m 10s
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I started early in the morning, 03:30, just att sunrise to try to run a pilgrimage trail starting in central Gothenburg, and ending on the border to the next county in Dalsland. The route is almost 138 km, and passes churches and cemetaries on the way. I managed to complete the entire route just as the sun sank below the horizon at 22:11

I ran alone all the time, and since I wanted it to be an unsupported attempt, I did not tell my ultrarunning friends anything in advance. I did not resupply food at any time, I brought with me 600g of sportdrink powder, 6x50g bars and 8 rolls of tortillastyle bread. I refilled my 2 500ml soft bottles at the churches I passed on the way at km 10, 50, 60, 70, 77, 85 and 96km. I also refilled at public taps at km 36, 111 and 119 km. I used up all my energy, with one breadroll and one bar to spare.

It was really hot during the day, so I stopped at km 73 to go for a swim in the great river of Göta Älv.

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