FKT: Tomas Ankarcrona - Västra Vätterleden (Sweden) - 2020-06-28

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1d 6h 43m 7s

I started at Stenkällegården about 12:41 PM. The sky was blue and the temperature was very hot.

I had prepared the track the day before with 1,5 liters of water every 21-25 km.

All food and energy I carried with me from the start, mostly bars and gels but also a package of pasta with meatballs army style with a bag that heats up when it get in contact with water. I also brought salt, magnesium and electrolytes.

Unfortunately the day of my FKT was the hottest day of the year. Everything was very much about rationing water and survive the day since 1,5 liter in 20 km was not near enough to perform. Yes the thought of DNF did cross my mind. In the evening of day one I passed a church with a water tap in the garden, I took a few minute break to drink and fill up my bottles, that really was a game changer.

The night was cooler so i could run more. It was wonderful to feel the cool breeze in my face after a hot day.

The weatherman had promised cloudy weather on day two, but before lunch there was still only blue sky and still very hot. I began to despair because this was not at all what I had prepared for but with only 40km left there was no option to quit.

However except from the heat it all went on as planned and I am quite satisfied with my effort still knowing that I can cut few hours in cooler weather and with more water.

"Västra Vätterleden" really is a nice, beautiful and challenging trail to explore.