FKT: Tony Dirth - Wiouwash State Trail, Southern Segment (WI) - 2019-10-09

Route variation
Southern Segment, one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 59m 25s
GPS track(s)

The route was ran with one other runner. The morning of, we drove out to where the trail crosses county GG (about 7.25 miles down the trail) and to Pioneer Rd where the trail crosses the train tracks (about 16 miles down the trail). At these two locations, we planted our own water bottles for us to consume at those points on the run. After planting our water bottles, we returned to the starting point and prepared for the run. It was a mild October day in Wisconsin, and the trail was in good, dry condition. Fuel in the form of gels and granola bars were carried on person. The run went well and was completed in just under 3 hours.

Note:  Tony started with another runner, but the 2 did not run together.