FKT: Torben Østerlund - Hovdalaleden (Sweden) - 2020-07-08

Gender category
Route variation
Standard double loop
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 56m 57s

Ran the trail clockwise starting from Hässleholm station with a backpack of extra clothing, energy and water. Was able to follow the orange signs fairly well but did have a few detours and return runs though, nothing major. At Hovdala castle you cross some open fields with sheep and at the downhill they were being gathered for transport. This made passing difficult but not impossible. Coming back to Hovdala the second time I filled my water bottles. The last 20+ km were more flat going around lake Finja but I was still fairly tired from the hills so the speed declined at points. With a few exceptions at Hovdala the trail was in forest and provided good shade. This trail should be fairly accessible all year and the trees provide shelter from sun, wind or rain.