FKT: Torey Brooks - Mount Agamenticus 3 Peaks (ME) - 2021-03-04

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1h 36m 43s
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Went out to determine the most direct way to do this route- i think this is a great option but requires keeping your head up at trail crosses (i got a bit detoured twice because I didn't bother to check my map and "thought" I knew the right trail). There are two other options I can see that might be faster, which are going straight up Witch hazel to tag the Mt. A summit and maybe a longer but flatter/faster way back to the trial head? 

As always, Mount A is a beautiful conservation area and pleasant run. Definitely very icy and sloppy this time of year but fun none the less! I'll be excited to go back when the trails clear up to do this one with a bit more speed!