FKT: Trisha Ignatowski - NJ Palisades Long Path / Shore Trail (NJ) - 2020-06-13

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4h 51m 43s

Things to note: I did the long path to shore loop unsupported. I carried all water and food on me (2L bladder and a bottle). DETOUR:There is construction going on at the beginning of the trail where it has a .3 mile detour. The detour comes in via the carpenter trail. This detour is due to construction being done on the walk way that crosses the highway that comes off the George Washington bridge.  The detour is the same length/slightly longer than the original trial. I asked if i should backtrack once coming onto the trail or keep going and the lovely people in charge of the FKT website said to keep going but note the detour. This detour is said to take 2 years to complete as of January 2020, however given the current  state of COVID no construction has even started so I feel like this project and detour will last longer than 2 years. 

I only had to back track at 2 points, one where I accidentally got in the way of a momma turkey vulture and its babies so I got chased back down the path and I made a slight wrong turn at an intersection. If you do this during the summer start earlier than I did, I started at 7:30am. Right at the turn around point where the giant steps are the trail becomes very narrow and its SUPER popular in the summer. I ended up walking behind people for a while until they let me pass for the first 5 miles of the shore trail. Other than that it was a beautiful day and a great time!