FKT: Trisha Steidl - Chinook Pass Loop (WA) - 2019-07-19

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
6h 14m 16s

ran CCW, starting at Deer Creek Camp

When I finished, I accidentally hit the "split/lap" button instead of "stop" because I'm used to the buttons on the watch I normally wear (which I was also wearing). As I was walking back to my car I didn't realize for a bit that my time was still going. When I did, I hit "split" two more times before figuring out it wasn't the "stop" button and then, finally, hit "stop." My actual time was 6:14:16 which can clearly be seen on the GPS info. I have included a photo with my Timex time as well. I started that watch before I started my GPS and stopped it after I "stopped" my GPS, which is why there is a 4 second difference in time.