FKT: Trisha Steidl - Mt Rainier Northern Loop Trail (WA) - 2021-09-25

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 13m 52s

The weather was incredible and the fall foliage was looking pretty snazzy in some areas. An absolutely gorgeous day that made it hard to run through everything without taking more time to drink it all in (which I did a few times). It's good my camera was in the back of my pack or I'd still be out there taking photos. Favourite view from the day was on the climb to Mystic Lake - the meadow with so many different colours below a towering Mountain with a layer of fresh snow shining in the bright sun was amazing to see and it was hard not to stop and sit down and stare.

I ran CCW this time and am on the fence about which way is better for me. The climbs are broken up more nicely running CW, but then you run more downhill earlier on, which isn't as friendly on the quads. It's a loop and I doubt it really makes too much difference one way or the other. One exception is that the water availability is quite different each direction, so that's a consideration.

Speaking of, plenty of good water sources are still available. There were very few people out on the loop today despite it being a fee free and gorgeous day, which was a surprise. Plenty of folks in the couple of miles out from Sunrise, though, of course.

Happy to have nice weather so I could finally see the views on this route I've heard so much about. Also happy to borrow the FKT. Go get it, ladies!