FKT: Troy Allen, Mikaela Osler - CT Appalachian Trail (CT) - 2019-06-12

Mixed-gender team
Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
16h 8m
GPS Tracks

We started at 4:58 am. 

At one of the road crossings there was some soggy granola and water bottles. On principle, we were sad that we didn't get to take it. But if we're being honest, it wasn't that great of trail magic, anyways.

At the end of the long flat stretch by the river, we stopped at a spring. Two guys in road shoes with tiny packs and what looked like ski poles (but really they were probably trekking poles) showed up. It turned out that one of them was Drew, who was working on the supported FKT. Go Drew! 

We hit the Paradise lane trail at 9:06pm, but we kept hiking until we reached sages ravine because we were looking for the border sign. Then we realized that previous record attempts had ended at Paradise Lane.