FKT: Troy Brock - Central Coast Century Run (NSW, Australia) - 2021-09-12

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1d 3h 48m 56s
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I completed this course in early spring and was treated to an unseasonably hot weekend which increased the challenge of running 100 miles. I divided the course in to 10 different sections and due to COVID-19 restrictions I was only permitted to have 1 person running with me at a time. I was supported by my fellow Saturday morning running mates & my sister for the entire course. I relied on gels & sports drinks initially but when the going got tough I reverted to my tried & trusted cereal and milk - it took 9 bowls to see me to the end! I carried my own water & was refilled when the next support runner met me, but the course has access to water in enough locations to allow this course to be completed unsupported. The views of the ocean provide a stunning backdrop to this course while the shade found in the National Parks & State Forests is a welcome relief.