FKT: Tucker Grose - Sunny Valley Trail (CT) - 2020-05-21

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
33m 24s
GPS track(s)

This route starts on the northern end in Bridgewater Town Park and ends on Lakewood Dr. I was planning on doing the out and back FKT but took a wrong turn about a mile in and had to reroute via roads to get back to the trail. Ended up running an extra mile to get back to the trail, the mistake I made was on Hemlock road, I took the first trail I saw which was yellow blazes and should have continued down the paved road to the blue blaze trail. Once back on the trail I finished the out portion and returned entirely on the blue blazed trail and got the one way FKT. I got to the turnaround at 42:58 and ran the South to North blue blazed trail in 33:23.3. While I had read that there were blue, yellow, white and red blazes I did not do enough research to find out that the Sunny Valley trail is ONLY on the blue blazed trail, so do your research, bring a phone (limited service so download a map if you can) as this is an easy one to get lost on. Beautiful single track along lake Lillinonah, some great climbing and descending and a few technical sections and downed trees. Highly recommend this trail and the whole Sunny Valley preserve trail system.