FKT: Ty Fluth - Black Elk Peak (SD) - 2020-07-29

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56m 24s
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Being from SD I've always wanted to give this route a go, just spent 3 weeks out in CO and thought I'd stop on way back and recon the route to come back Sunday when the legs were fresher (did Long's Peak the day before driving to trailhead). Went from #9 Black Elk TH Sign/Kiosk to the plaque on lookout tower and back to trailhead sign/kiosk. Went up not trying for the FKT beings I was coming back Sunday, realized at the top it was doable so I let it roll on the way down but stopped at one point because I thought I made a wrong turn, got the phone out and hike back up the trail a bit before I realized all was well and continued on. Stopped Suunto at trailhead sign said 56:24.5, I think Strava says elapsed time is 56:21.