FKT: Tyler Andrews - Ama Dablam - 2023-10-26

Route variation
Pangboche to Summit
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 4m 11s

A big day on Ama Dablam! Hiked down to Pangboche the day before and left around 03:00am and was on the summit just after 10am. Passed B.C. and grabbed water and then went solo up to C2. Beautiful sunrise on this stretch around C1-C2 and luckily not too crowded. Met Ang Sona Sherpa at C2 and climbed together (unroped) to the summit. Tons of traffic in the last 300 vertical meters or so, had to pass probably 20 people on some relatively exposed terrain. Beautiful and very cold and windy on the summit, so only stayed for about 15 minutes before heading down.

Had to help a Chinese climber on the way down from just below the summit all the way to C2, so that took a long time. Moved quickly from C2 down to B.C., with only a slight bottle-neck and some waiting at yellow tower. Stopped briefly in B.C. to grab some more water and then ran down the last 800m of descent to Pangboche.

A spectacular day, all in all, and very grateful to be able to get the FKT on my first trip to the summit.