FKT: Tyler Andrews - Cerro Provincia from Av La Plaza (Chile) - 2024-02-24

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3h 9m 6s

A beautiful, wonderful day, just 9 weeks after ankle surgery. So grateful to be back to moving quickly in the mountains!

Started before dawn as I had a flight to catch, so headlamp for the first hour or so and had a perfectly clear day with amazing views of the city. Hit the first big trail junction about half way up (in terms of vert, ~900m+) in 59'41 and then thought maybe sub 2h00 ascent was doable. A bit of scramble-cito just before the final climb to the summit and then there's a false ante-summit just before the main summit, so split my watch there and then continued on another 2.5 minutes to the true summit in 1h54.

Took the descent quite easy as this was my longest run by far since before surgery. Very much didn't want to fall and hurt myself before a day of travel >_<

Round trip time was 3'09'06 (full activity, strava segment is 3'06'04).

What a day!