FKT: Tyler Andrews - Lobuche East - 2023-10-30

Route variation
Ascent from Dzonghla
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 36m 33s

Left from Dzongla at 06:00am and summited at 07:36am. Splits were: 28 minutes from Dzongla to High camp (the one at the lake), another 20 minutes to the Crampon Point at 5650m, short break to put on crampons, and then 42 minutes to the summit. Spent maybe 15-20 minutes on the summit, as it was my first time there and it was beautiful, and then had to help with a climber who fell and hit her head (no helmet!) and get her off the glacier, so the return trip was very slow down to the bottom of the glacier. From there, moved quickly down to high camp and all the way back down. Did a full-on somersalt just below as I caught a toe just below H.C. but then no issues all the way down. That last little uphill going into Dzonghla stung!

Full disclosure: It was extremely cold until I hit the glacier. Almost of my devices died which has never happened before, even on Manaslu -- inreach and garmin, somehow phone had enough battery to take a few pictures, maybe because it was in an inner pocket, so I have meta-data from photos at the start and summit and finish, but no GPX track for this one.