FKT: Tyler Green - Loowit Trail (WA) - 2020-08-03

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4h 59m 54s
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Really tough day going around the mountain. Had some serendipitous cloud cover though it was still a little warm. Really had to fight for this one all day, chasing some splits from JT's effort a couple weeks ago and only starting to get a very small time cushion at Windy Pass 19miles in. This is a brutal route and requires extreme. It throws everything at you! Extremely technical lava flows, techy descents and sandy with poor footing ascents, narrow trails with steep drops below. Brought all my water with me to save time and keep going hard the entire time. Never could take my foot off the gas! I knew I was close to the 5hr mark when I reached the Ptarmigan trail junction, so just put my head down and let gravity do the work. Happy to have gone under. I thought I'd stopped the watch at 4:59:57 when I looked down, so that's what I reported, but realized on Strava that I'd actually stopped it at 4:59:54. This route is getting a lot of action! How much faster will it go?!