FKT: Tyler Green - Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass (WA) - 2018-08-11

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
15h 42m 19s

Section J of the PCT, northbound starting at Snoqualmie Pass trailhead and ending at Stevens Pass trailhead.  This was a remarkable trail to tackle in a day, a true challenge and something that was a new level for me as an unsupported effort. 50 miles in I felt like the only thing driving me forward was the sheer necessity that no bailout even exists; I had to finish. I left at 5:10am and ran with my girlfriend Rachel for 3 miles before she left me to enjoy a day in Seattle and shuttle to the other side. I'd planned to send 10 mile check ins using a Spot but found out only one had gone through the entire day. Had some rain but the day stayed cool and that helped me along, and I only needed my headlamp for the final descent! Rachel was worried and had walked three miles up and intercepted me just before I reached the top of Steven's Pass Resort and we ran it in together. I guess that makes this an accompanied unsupported FKT?