FKT: Tyler Green - Timberline Trail (OR) - 2018-09-30

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Total time
6h 10m 58s
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Started and ended at the Timberline Trail/PCT junction about a half mile west of Ramona Falls. This requires a 3 mile hike in, but it starts the route at the lowest point and, therefore, is conducive to a stronger finish than facing two big climbs at the end of the route when starting at Timberline Lodge.

Just about the perfect day for me. Weather was exceptional, river crossings were very smooth, and I felt strong the entire day. This record has been on my mind for years, and I thought it wasn't within reach. The '83 record stood for so long and was set during a race, and the trail has changed over time as well. Still, I thought unsupported was the way to go and simply dipped my handheld in streams (unfiltered) when I had run out of water. Ate just 12 gels and 4 nuun tablets along the way. I optimized every aspect of the day that I could, running after some rain to harden the soft sand and starting from Ramona Falls to finish with a long descent. I've made attempts to connect with John Coffey, the previous record holder, but no luck so far. I'm interested in hearing the conditions of the race day way back then. Interestingly, Coffey went to the same small private school in Portland that I teach and coach at! I ran 7:28 3 years ago on a bad day, so I thought cutting an hour off that time would be possible, but I was utterly surprised by this time.