FKT: Tyler Green - Wildwood Trail (OR) - 2017-05-21

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 22m 1s

I've had a Wildwood FKT attempt on my list for a while now, and finally got down to doing it today! Had a great time in the forest despite worrying that I'd taken it out too hard. Figured I'd build up a surplus of time in case the climbs at the end got to me. My goal was 3:30, but I pushed the whole day and finished in 3:22:01!! Totally unsupported, had a Nathan Waistpak with three soft hydration flasks and held another one. Perfect amount of fluids. Consumed 3 gels and 1 package of shotbloks. Weather was a little warm so I started early at 6:10am. Still some mud on the trails and few trees down, but for the most part it's fast and ready for summer training. Jumped the barrier that's block the trail near Pittock to make sure I was on the trail the whole time. Had Rachel Drake drop me off and shuttle the car to Washington Park...I'm encouraging her to set a mark for the women's FKT.

Now that I read about Duncan's attempt, I wish he'd made his attempt yesterday to make things interesting!

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