FKT: Tyler King - Huron Peak (CO) - 2012-07-29

Gender category
Route variation
NW Slopes TH-to-TH
Finish date
Total time
2h 7m 16s

Hello all. Anyone know of the speed record for Huron Peak in Colorado? I'd found a record on Bill Wright's website ( stating Dan Hudspeth did it in 2:17:00 with 15 minutes spent at the top. I had recently broken that on 7/29/2012 with a time of 2:07:16 with no time spent at the summit. Now that leads me to my next question, if Dan's time is the current speed record, would my "FKT" count considering his actual moving time would still be 2 minutes faster than mine?
I did Huron with only the intention of breaking my PR so I couldn't follow the advice given in the "Read This First" section of this site. I have no pics, and no one to watch. All I have is the GarminConnect link below showing that I had done it. Elevation is a bit off because I didn't calibrate it before I left, but map shows exactly where I started and getting the summit. I appreciate all your thoughts and comments! Thankyou!