FKT: Tyler King - Massive Mania (CO) - 2014-08-31

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
Finish date
Total time
5h 5m 53s

Just did this route on Sunday 8/31/2014 in 05:05:53 from Windsor Lake TH to Mt. Massive TH in quite poor conditions (50-60ish mph wind gusts constantly along whole ridge with gropple/snow falling from Pt. 13,125 and on). Just last week found Jared Campbell and Chad Brackelsberg did this in 2012 but didn't give a time. Said it was basically a fun run but very well could be faster than my time. Tagged all 10 points they listed on the blog ( but added a bit more mileage by accident coming off of Pt. 12,381 and having minor detour at beginning of ridge. Below are the points tagged and Garmin info. Laps aren't showing for some reason on the map as it was acting up a little that day.

Point 12,875’
Point 13,125’
Point 13,801
Point 14,169’
North Massive: 14,340’
Massive Green: 14,300’
Mt Massive: 14,421’
South Massive: 14,132’
South, South Massive: 13,630’
Point 12,381’

-Tyler King