FKT: Tyler Merriam - Devil's Path (NY) - 2010-05-26

Route variation
one way
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Finish date
Total time
7h 25m 0s

Tyler Merriam ("ADK88") ran the Devil's Path in 7h25m on May 26, 2010, beating the previous FKT of 8h12m set in 2007. Merriam started with another runner named Eric, but Eric had stomach problems and had to stop early in the run. Merriam ran west-to-east. His full report is here.

Once past the highway I hit “the wall” hiking up Plateau. I seriously doubted that I would finish the hike in any sort of good time, and was ready to just hike the rest of the trail at a meandering pace. I tried to push through, though, and eventually made it to the summit (wherever that summit may be). From then on, I felt pretty darn good, and kept up a running pace on the flats and downhills, and a brisk hiking pace on the uphills. And man, were those uphills a beast! That is not an easy trail to run, my friends, as I’m sure many of you know! -- Tyler Merriam