FKT: Tyler Sheedy - Mt Major Via Main Trail (NH) - 2024-05-20

Route variation
Up and down (TH top TH)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
29m 43s

Definitely a strange way to get my first FKT - I made an attempt at it at 5:30am and veered off-trail during the descent, so I bushwhacked the entire way down, completely forfeiting the attempt. I got back to my car and decided to take another crack at the record just for the heck of it, and really eased up on the climb. I was a minute behind my prior run through the mile (9:23), and forty seconds back at the summit after resorting to power-hiking earlier on which helped me choose a better line up the rock scrambles. Then I was fairly methodical on the descent, and didn’t get lost. By two miles I had made up the lost time in the first mile, but this time I was on the correct route and was able to crank it on the flats at low 6:00s. Fun times up on the mountain. I’m sure it’ll be an easy record to break, but nonetheless excited to have a Fastest Known Time to my name!