FKT: Uli Steidl - Alpine Lakes Loop (WA) - 2017-08-20

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
2h 48m 41s
Report counterclockwise starting and finishing at the Pratt Lake/Granite Mountain trailhead
FKT posted on the site (3:13:50) is for the slower clockwise direction. At least 5 people have run faster in the counterclockwise direction (per Strava), and this is the fastest of those times. I believe both FKTs should be tracked separately as the directions are quite distinct.

Among runs available and searchable on Strava, this run by Uli Steidl appears to be the fastest time for the complete loop in the counterclockwise direction, and the fastest time overall in either direction. The time submitted is the total elapsed time for the run and is not based on any Strava segments, although I used existing segments and one of my own making to better confirm this as the fastest time on Strava. From lap data posted, I infer the following splits:

27:00 from Pratt Lake/Granite Mountain trailhead to Denny Creek trailhead on road
41:33 to Denny Creek crossing
1:26:04 to Melakwa Lake
1:50:24 to Lower Tuscohatchie Lake outflow
1:57:18 to Pratt Lake
2:21:38 to ridge above Pratt Lake
2:48:38 to finish at Pratt/Granite trailhead.
(Extra 3 seconds of elapsed time likely lost in rounding errors of these split times)

I think it is fairly safe to assume that this run was unsupported, as the only easily accessible place of support is in the first 3.5 miles and support is not typically needed or utilized on this route. However, it is marked as "unknown" without confirmation.