FKT: Uli Steidl - Kaleetan Peak (WA) - 2020-08-02

Route variation
up & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 40m 16s

This was a few weeks ago on 8/2/20, and I noticed that Uli never submitted this time himself. Since then, two other efforts have been submitted: the first one (8/18/20 by Brad Leatherbarrow) is slower than this one despite occurring afterwards; the second (8/19/20 by Aaron Long) a bit faster at a new FKT of 2:39:00.

Note that Uli's recorded run starts at the bridge/yellow gate, which now seems to be permanently closed to car traffic and the new de-facto trailhead. However, the FKT is official from the original trailhead just a bit farther up the road (as run by Aaron Long on 8/19 as well). Despite Uli's "elapsed time" for his whole run of 2:43:20, he took lap splits of 1:29:14 up and 1:11:00 down, which to me are equally valid as evidence as if he had simply started and stopped his watch there. I'm submitting a time on his behalf of 2:40:16 to account for potential rounding error in those lap splits.