FKT: Uli Steidl - Shriner Peak, Mt Rainier Nat'l Park (WA) - 2021-10-02

Route variation
up & down
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Total time
1h 25m 0s

Ran Shriner Peak today with the intent of setting the FKT on the route. Started the watch at the large trailhead sign a few feet from the road, ran up to the fire lookout at the summit, spent a little over a minute at the top taking a few pictures, then headed back down. Finish was again at the trailhead sign. Took a bit over 55 min on the ascent, and 28 minutes on the descent. Felt pretty good overall, and the weather was close to ideal. Sunny, and in the 40ies at the start. Great view of Mt Rainier, with a new coat of snow on the upper mountain from the previous night. 

Trisha did the women's FKT at the same time, however I started about a minute ahead of her so we would both run by ourselves the whole way.