FKT: Vaughn Ridley - Bruce Trail, Niagara Section (ON, Canada) - 2021-06-02

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9h 5m 29s
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June 2nd 2021 - Ran the 80km Niagara Bruce Trail section westbound from Queenston to Grimsby Solo Unsupported. Left car at finish and got dropped off for a 7:45am start in Queenston. Packed my running vest with various food and nutrition items. Liquids were carried in a 2ltr bladder, 2x500ml soft flasks and 2x 591ml bottles plus one 250ml can of Red Bull. Started out with 4.43ltr of liquid with vest weighing 12lbs. Made good time to half way point in Short Hills Provincial Park where I filled a 500ml soft flask with water filtered at a waterfall. Filled another 500ml soft flask at Sixteen Mile Creek and that was it for the final 30km. From here, I knew there wasn't any decent drinkable water sources in close proximity to the trail until the finish. Most of the streams and water falls were all dried up. I began to ration my water a bit with 20km to go but fortunately made it to the finish with a few drips to spare. Good times on the Bruce!!!

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