FKT: Vic Izzy Owens - Monarch's Way (UK) - 2020-09-03

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13d 13h 38m 0s

The route used was supplied by the Monarchs Way Association whom, along with Lee Scott Evans, stayed in close contact with me on the lead up to this and supported me throughout.
The route was followed closely, unless instructed otherwise by the waymarkers. On the few occasions the gpx route showed to be incorrect according to the waymarkers, these were used for the correct direction. The book was also used to backup the waymarkers. 
Full photos, story clips and journey can be seen via the facebook page link.
I had a crew van, which met me when needed for fuel top up and sleep stops. Some very kind people came out and did some support running with me.
I raised money for the Monarchs Way which will help them put up some signage near the end, and help them promote this historic trail.