FKT: Victoria Kendra - Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 10 (NC) - 2021-05-09

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23h 30m 9s
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The Mountains to Sea Segment 10 is about 77 Miles long according to the Mountains to Sea Website.  Starting at Pleasant Green Church Road in Durham NC and ending at Falls Lake Dam/Tailrace in Raleigh NC.  My day started at 5am Saturday May 8 2021 from Pleasant Green Church Road I ran the entire segment with support from several friends along the way. The following are all the stops I made where I meet my crew to supply food and water. Crew/Team consisted of Jodi, Chris, John, Kellie, Elena, Ken, Chloe the dog.

Pleasant Green – The Start was dropped off by my friend Jodi- This is a very techincal section of the trail and several climbs which proves difficult when its dark. However when daylight began I got to enjoy the views of the Eno River.

Pennys Ben Nature Preserve – Jodi meet me here so I can restock my water and food. I had to tape two big toes as they were becoming hot spots. My friend Rich and Ivy ran 12 miles with me along this stretch. Great to have some company.  This section has an old inactive rail road crossing and a active railroad crossing. The trees now have all their leaves so seeing the river allow this section was difficult. In the fall and winter you have great views of the river.

Hickory Hill Boat Ramp – Refueled with water and food about a marathon in and I was feeling dehydrated and nausea. The day started to really warm up to about 75 degreee, low humidity and contant breezes.  Rich said goodbye and headed home. I was off to run the next 12.5 miles solo.

Rollingview Recreation Area- Jodi was done crewing and now Kellie took over. Got a nice surprise that Julia was there to cheer and support me. At some point between hickory Hill Boat ramp and Rollingview I ran out of water. Luckly at the boardwalk crossing over Falls lake near Cheek Road there were some guys fishing and I asked if they had a spare bottle of water. If they didn’t have water I would have had to call Kellie to come meet me at Cheek Road.  At this point at Rollingview is approximately  40 miles in and the wheels fell off,  legs were weak and I had low energy. Dehydrated, nausea, stomach issues have been taking a toll on me the last few miles.  Took some extra time here to hydrate and ate lots of Pringles.

Creedmoor Rd/NC 50 – Kellie was done crewing and now  Elena, Ken, and Chole their dog were going to crew me. Chris would run with me the next 15 miles.  Refueled, got water, gels and more pringles. Still not feeling 100% taking in salt tabs to help with the dehydration.  Chris joined me until  Bayleaf Chruch Rd. At this time  my legs were just so tired and weak from lack of nutrition I could only do a fast hike. The trail through out the run was in great condition and not muddy at all. The next 30 miles of the trail will have rolling hills, flat pine straw and some sections will be very rocky and rooty.  

NC 98/ Durham Rd- My Crew Elena, Ken and Chole restocked me with water and gels. Had a surprise visit by my friend Juliet and she provided great encouraging words.  Crew made me some hot chicken broth and ate some more pringles since that was they only thing that tasted good. Still  with Chris as he was a great motiavtor and had the 80’s tunes pumping!

Bayleaf Church Road- Elena,Ken and Chole when home and Chris took over Crewing duties. John would join me for the rest of the journey until the end.  Refueled with gels, water, ramen noodles made with chicken broth.  Signed the MST log sheet along this route and John got rock tunes pumping which kept my spirts up and movitated.

Raven Ridge- Crew is Chris and John is still hiking with me. Last stop before the finish. Didn’t need much as far as supplies as it was about 4.5 to the end. Topped off my water and got some more chicken broth as the salt was really helping. The tunes are still pumping away and getting me moving !

Falls Lake Dam/Tailrace – Chris was here to meet me and John. The end of the Mountains Sea Segment 10- It was a joyous moment to finally complete the entire segement. I have been running bits and pieces of the segement and it was really great to finally put it together and say that I completed the entire thing.