FKT: Victoria Kendra - Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 10 (NC) - 2022-04-30

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1d 1h 5m 46s

Unsupported Solo, It was all good until it wasn’t.

The weather, was absolutely perfect, cool, slight winds and no humidity. Lots of animal activity during the early morning hours of the run was great, lots of deer, owls, blue herons and a brown/white fox jetted across the trail at the Durham Pump Station that left me stunned. Oh and the Night time hissing baby possums were scary!

So Running unsupported miles is way more complicated that you think.
I thought that I would be able to get my running pack together and pack a few thigs and be good to go.
Well, nope. I quickly realized that my pack that I prepared was 12 lbs and I wasnt able to carry everything so I improvised and channeled my inner Camille Herron and used a HOKA fanny pack in addition to the vest. Little did I know, that this was going to work out great, since I was able to access all my nutrition and prepare it on the fly without having to stop and take off the vest.

By Mile 38 my legs and feet were hurting so I took a break at Lick Creek the Boardwalk that goes across falls lake. Then realized I didn't have enough water, so I had to filter water from here into my 2L bladder and 2 500 ml bottles, this took at least 40 minutes. The water was so murky and muddy I thought for sure I was going to have some stomach issues but I was fine.

Mile 53 not sure what happened but I was bonking hard and was so tired as I came into Shinleaf. So, I decided it was best to take a break and rest. So I got all my gear squared away and laid down on the floor and sleep for an hour. I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the next 20 miles or so. Well, so I thought but it proved to be very difficult as I wasn't able to run much, chafing was taking a toll on me and the lack of real food and only drinking liquids and gels wasn't enough. I kept moving, and it helped to break it down into smaller segments along the way.

Mile 63 Blue Jay Point Park, section is always challenging with the amount of roots and rocks through there. But its a great welcoming site when you see the MST sign with all the mile marker landmarks on it.

Mile 65 Bayleaf Church Rd, feeling a bit run down and wanted to get off the feet for a bit so I decided to lay down on the ground and take a quick 10 min nap. Its amazing how you can sleep anywhere when your tired. Feeling a little better I was ready for the final push.

Mile 74ish at Raven Ridge, is the last car traffic road crossing. Fighting through chafing and leg/foot pain was going to be over soon enough.

Finally hit the gravel road, the approach to Falls Lake Dam. Gave the MST sign a high-five and gave thanks for a save journey.

Didn’t realize when I decided to take on this adventure how mentally and physically hard a solo unsupported run would be. Not the run I expected but with every journey there are lessons learned and grateful for having the ability and opportunity to attempt this physical endurance of mind, body and soul.