FKT: Vincent Ozegowski - Talsperrenweg: Große Dhünntalsperre (Germany) - 2021-03-29

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Standard loop
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4h 18m 7s
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Took some inspiration from Martin and went out on one of the first really nice days of spring. I took about three liters of water and some energy bars with me, probably overkill in hindsight. Starting with a cold and clear morning the temperatures rose during the day up to 20°C. The round is a really nice trip, for me the first half is the more beautiful. The path leads through a lot of forest and some creeks and was at least at my time mostly my own. The southern side of the lake is more farmland and the marked track mostly on farm roads in open space, so sunglasses and a hat a recommended on sunny days.

I am a bit startled on the slightly different length, although I took the direct gpx with me on my Garmin. Also elevation gain is a bit murky, Komoot suggested 510m+ before hand, when I took the same gpx to Garmin's courses is was 1100m+. After elevation correction I landed on 700m+, guess that's about right. There are many small inclines and one can easily see why the GPS sometimes messes around.