FKT: Vitaliy Musiyenko - Saber Ridge (CA) - 2021-07-25

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9h 41m 55s
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Fueled by positive energy from listening to an hour of a comedy show on the drive to SEKI, I left the trailhead before sunrise unsure where the day will take me, as my right knee was bothering me. Two days prior I did the Minarets Traverse (V 5.9) and hyperextended the knee, so I wasn't sure if it will lock up 10 miles into the run, or maybe as I am scrambling up Saber Ridge. It didn't. I also got lucky with timing the weather forecast right. 30% chance of thunderstorms in the noon only produced a light drizzle during my run back on the High Sierra Trail. A little more rain would actually feel quite nice! 

The highlight of the outing was of course the scenery offered by the High Sierra Trail, the amazing scrambling on the Saber Ridge, and I guess the helicopter that was buzzing not all that far above, as there was an active SAR for a hiker who went missing several days ago. I believe this route can be one of the most enjoyable outings for runners who are competent with scrambling 5.8-9, if onsighting the ridge. With prior examination, or maybe good route finding one can keep difficulties to 5.7. Longish, well-maintained trail with incredible views and a 5-star scramble = a wonderful day in the hills.