FKT: Ward "Spooky Boy" Leonard - Appalachian Trail - 1990-01-01

Route variation
unknown direction
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
60d 12h 0m 0s

Thru-hiker style, which we term "self-supported", is basically what the majority of backpackers employ - hiking every step of the trail and resupplying in towns along the way either by mail drops or simply shopping. An early thru-hiker (and overall) FKT was that of Ward "Spooky Boy" Leonard in 1990, 60.5 days. During his 10 thru-hikes of the AT, Leonard became infamous for his anti-social behavior. Here's what Outside Magazine reported about Spooky Boy (May 1996):

Leonard has reportedly hiked the trail continuously for the last seven years. Once, he says, he covered the 2,000-plus miles in a mere 60 days. Spooky Boy's obsession is beginning to cause problems. While on the trail last summer, he tried to set the record for most consecutive climbs of New Hampshire's Mount Washington, which stands at 6,288 feet. The record attempt came to a swift conclusion when Leonard was asked to leave Mount Washington State Park for, according to one ranger, "making unwelcome advances to patrons at the snack bar."