FKT: Whitney Hanschka - Martha's Vineyard North Shore (MA) - 2021-03-30

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One way
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1h 45m 59s
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Beautiful day for this— sunny and light south wind. There was a lower tide yesterday but a strong west wind which would not have been advantageous.  The footing is way worse in the western half of the route, so I think west to east is definitely the way to go so as to get the hardest parts done first.

I brought nothing except one gel. Somewhere around halfway there's a crystal clear spring that springs right out of the sand on the beach—choked down the gel and took a big drink there.

The super low tide is really helpful in some stretches as there's nice flat sand to run on right down next to the water and rocks above. But there are plenty of stretches, especially in the first half, that are just rocks, rocks, ROCKS! Keeps you on your toes to say the least.

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