FKT: Whitney Pearson - Mahoosuc Traverse (ME, NH) - 2022-07-15

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12h 41m 45s
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Took a shot at the Mahoosuc traverse. A very deceiving 30+ mile route. A lot of sections aren’t truly runnable. The “Slowest Mile” was not as difficult as I had expected, however I think having done it once I could get through it much more quickly a second time. Spent a lot of time eyeballing the next move and making sure I didn’t get too far off trail. Now having done it I would know to just move forward it is all pretty direct. Technical and plenty of rock slabs, it seems like just when you’re out of the rocks that you are right back in them. Definitely want dry terrain if taking a stab at this FKT. Side note that It appears you have to spur off to tag the summit of Old Speck even though it isn’t technically part of the trail now, it used to be. I made the mistake of immediately turning and had to go back to tag it. I think I could shave some time off this route now having done it and plan to go back at it again pretty soon. Happy trails!