FKT: Whitney Pearson - Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail (NH) - 2024-07-05

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Total time
14h 7m 12s

16:48 was my original time when I submitted this FKT 2 years ago but I used it more as a training day. There were some huge adjustments this time that led to the time slash.

1: Last time I did this in the dark overnight after a 12 hour work shift, this time I got a little sleep and had an ideal window in full daylight but it was HOT. I consumed 9 liters of water in the heat and it was hard to keep up with my electrolytes and felt pretty sick all day. 

2: Last time I was in Keen boots because my trail runners weren’t delivered in time, this time I had my favorite shoe on. 

3: Last time I had never set foot on the trail, I had some familiarity this time. 

I think I still have plenty of room to improve in another year, since I’m running for 2 this summer! Getting as many trail times in as I can while my body still allows. The gap between supported and unsupported can definitely be closed on this time and it’s definitely a route that a strong runner can crush.